A Proud Tradition since 1880

Perfection. That’s what Oneida was founded on. Many argue utopia is impossible. We’ve been challenging that view for nearly 200 years.

Founded in 1848 in upstate New York, they didn’t originally have flatware in mind. They wanted the perfect community. But the perfect community also had to support itself. They discovered they had an otherworldly talent for one thing: flatware.

Silver knives, forks and spoons - the quality was, well, utopian. And other people quickly caught on. So began The Oneida Community, Ltd. 


An all-American company with an all-American duty. In both World Wars, Oneida supported the nation’s fights to protect freedom and democracy. For the Army and Navy, we produced ammunition clips, grenades, shells, bayonets, parachute releases, surgical instruments, and, of course, silverware.

But flatware was our first love. And after the War we returned home to it.


Beautiful. Bold. Durable. Welcome to the world of stainless-steel flatware. In 1960, Oneida pioneered this revolutionary technology. High-end products regular people could afford – this stole the world’s attention.

Oneida was officially a synonym for the pinnacle of flatware.   


Ingenuity. Expert craftsmanship. All-American hard work. This began Oneida over 200 years ago. This defines our spirit today.

Welcome to the home of flatware.


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